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    Black Toxic Mold Mycotoxins The toxins which black toxic mold creates are what causes toxic symptoms. What else can cause allergy symptoms in some people? Evidence supporting the temporal lobe epilepsy personality syndrome. The testicles are two ball-like glands inside the scrotum. You will find the liver cleansing diet on our website: Liver Cleansing Diet And lastly… Additional information regarding the laparoscopic procedure and open procedure is available near the top of this page HOME CARE After the surgical repair the condition can be further treated at home by: Rest will be required as prescribed by the physician Including high fiber foods into the diet Drinking more fluids No smoking Regular exercise No heavy lifting SYMPTOMS The symptoms of inguinal hernias include: A bulge in one or both sides of the groin that can disappear when lying down A swollen or enlarged scrotum in males Sharp pain or discomfort when exercising, lifting or straining that will improve after resting Pressure or weakness in the groin Aching feeling, burning or gurgling at the groin INDIRECT INGUINAL HERNIA Indirect inguinal hernias are congenital present since birth and are more common in males because of the way a male develops in the womb.

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